"Of course you can ask questions, apprentice! How else are you going to learn how not to kill yourself?"
-Wizard Kalak to an apprentice

What do you use for the logos?
    I use Gimp for Windows as my graphics program. The text is Papyrus, Crack Babies (don't blame me I didn't name the font), and Wraith Caps fonts. I modified the sunrise gradient found in Gimp and used that to fill.

Why convert the Earthdawn setting?
    First, it's a great setting. The characters were stronger but there was also a bigger dog (or Horror) around the corner. The Horrors give the setting a suspense most settings seem to lack. It's that feeling of it's not safe outside. The story and the  world are first class. The idea of the Scourge gives a great "new world" feeling. And it has one of the great fantasy stand-bys, the evil empire. On a more sentimental note, Earthdawn was the first role-playing book I ever got.

 Why the D20 system?
    Well, I like the Earthdawn setting but my players like D20 so a nice compromise is a conversion. Furthermore, the D20 system is a nice system. Some of the complexities of Earthdawn (like remember what dice goes for the step) is removed by using modifiers. Also, since I like the setting so much I'm hoping this will bring new fans to the Earthdawn world who can then go on to look at Living Room Games products and support the further growth of Earthdawn. Who knows maybe someday an official Earthdawn D20 will be made! (Note to LRG I'm not doing anything, I have most of the work done already, and I'm a big fan of the setting ;-) )

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