"Barsaive might be a small corner of the world compared to others but we got power. Look at it this way, we are a small fish in a big pond, but we got teeth. Big, sharp, pointy teeth!"
-Michiru, Elven Troubadour

This page will detail the setting of Earthdawn, a world called Barsaive. I'm working on a map of Barsaive with Campaign Cartographer 2. Also you can find the official map at the Downloads page of Living Room Games. The full story of the history can be found in the Earthdawn Rulebook (See Living Room Games for details.)

I. The Book of Harrow
    Thera, the empire that would one day be a mighty army and threat to Barsaive, has it's start in an Elven scholar named Elianar Messias, the Martyr Scholar. Once a close advisor to the Elven queen at Wyrm Wood, they had a falling out over a Elven country that wished to have cultural independence.  Eliananar is declared "separated" from the court and banished for challenging the Queen. He is banished to the Delaris Mountains in Barsaive. He takes with him a group of scholars and attempt to translate lost tomes of knowledge from a time when the magical aura of the world was greater than at his time. He greatest challenge is a group of six books each with a blood-inscribed rune on the cover. One evening his fellows find Elianar, he had torn his eyes from the sockets and shoved them and the fist  holding them into a fire. A note nearby read" These are the Books of Harrow. They are our doom and our salvation. Learn from them, or we will all perish." That night six other scholars are killed. The next day an elder scholar named Kearos Navarim takes the six Books of Harrow  and three fellows and departs to the south west and on an island in the Selestrean Sea creates a haven for learning called Nehr'esham, "center of the mind." Someday this would become the Empire of Thera.


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